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How to use website?

Are your products organic?

Yes. You have to set up an account to shop. It is free, and you can set it up here.

For more information on shipping conditions please go here.

Our membership account option is called MyLEE Premier. For ONLY € 59,95 per year you will get the following Premier benefits:

How do I create an account?

You can create an account by clicking on the button “Register” in the menu. Fill in your information on the form and press “Submit”.

Can I register as a guest?

Unfortunately, you cannot register as a guest but must create an account. You can create a free account here.

How do I receive special offers?

You can follow our special, weekly offers by signing up for our newsletter. If you have an account and have subscribed to our newsletter, you will automatically receive FREE Shipping on all orders above € 40 as well.

FREE Shipping means that we cover your shipping costs. If you have an account , you will receive FREE Shipping on standard orders above £/€ 40 If you are a MyLEE Premier member, you will receive FREE Shipping on all standard orders, no matter the order size.

How do I register for a wholesale account?

Please use this link to register. We ask that you include an upload of your license, certification, or your state ID tax number for account approval. Please be mindful, we ask that you allow our team 1-2 business days to either approve your account or to request additional information.

As a retail customer, do I have to create an account?

No, as a retail customer you will not have to create an account.

I have a wholesale account. Can I sell your products online?

We encourage the sale of our products on your website, however, we prohibit the resale of our products on Amazon/eBay. We also require that our products be advertised at no more than 10% off retail price. Our UMAP policy can be found here

I bought my -product name- from eBay/Amazon and it arrived broken. Will you replace it?

We can only replace products that were purchased directly from us, please contact the reseller you ordered from.

Product questions

How do I search for a product?

In the search bar at the top of the homepage, you can search for the product in different ways. You can either search for the product name or the product item number.

Where do I find more information about a product?

You can find more information about the product in the product description below the product images. Here you will be able to learn more about the product, featuring a section about the science behind the product, supplement facts, and a reference list.

Where do I find supplement facts for a product?

When on a product page, scroll down below the product images to see the supplement facts for the product you are viewing.

Where do I find your best selling products?

Click on the link “Bestsellers” in the navigation menu to find an overview of our bestselling products.

Where do I find your newest products?

All new products have the stamp “NEW”.

Where do I find products on sale?

Products that are on a sale will have a special tag and will have a price highlighted.

Are your products organic?

Our products are not certified organic.

Do your products contain pesticides/herbicides?

We do third party testing on all our products to ensure the absence of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, etc.

I'm allergic to -ingredient name-. Will your products be safe for me?

All of our manufactured products are tested allergen-free but if you are allergic to an ingredient we advise not consuming the product unless a practitioner has stated that it will not be harmful to you. Please contact our Customer Care team with specific questions.

Do your products contain sugar? What kind? How much?

None of our products contain any added sugar.

Do your products contain alcohol? What kind? How much?

Ethanol is essential in liposomal stability and is present in all of our products in quantities of less than 20%. The ethanol is fermented, then distilled and tested allergen-free. The ethanol used in our products is non-GMO and derived from cane sugar and/or corn.

Is corn used in the production of this ethanol?

Ethanol is essential in liposomal stability and is present in all of our products in quantities of less than 20%. The ethanol is fermented, then distilled and tested allergen-free. The ethanol used in our products is non-GMO and derived from cane sugar and/or corn.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Expiration dates range from 12 to 24 months from the date of manufacture. Thank you for your patience while we are updating our labels to include this information. Please phone our Customer Experience team for specific product dates.

Product availability and description

Why do you not have the same products as Quicksilver Scientific US or why can’t I find a product I am looking for?

How can I see if a product is out of stock?

On the product page, it says if the product is in stock next to the product image.

How do I take my product?

For proper intake, please follow the instructions on the product itself as well as on the supplement guide on our website to see how you should consume your product. To maximize results, the dose should be taken every day.

When do my products expire?

The expiration date is always noted on the product label or the containers.

I can't see the supplement facts?

Please scroll down below the product images to see the description and supplement facts.


What’s the difference between Home Delivery and Access/Service Point Delivery?

Home Delivery:

One delivery attempt at your home address. If you are not at home to receive the order, it will be delivered to the nearest Access/Service Point.

Access/Service Point Delivery:

Your order is delivered to an Access/Service Point that you select for pick up at your convenience.

Please register your mobile number in your contact details when ordering your product or under My Account. By doing this, you will get notifications via SMS from your shipping provider, either DHL or UPS, with the tracking information of your parcel.

For more information on shipping conditions please go here.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

The arrival date depends on the delivery method you selected and the country to which you are shipping.

For more information on shipping conditions please go here.

Will my order leave your warehouse today?

If you place your order before 14:00 Central European Time (GMT +1) on regular business days, it will leave our warehouse on the same day, otherwise the day after.

How can I trace my shipment?

When your order leaves our warehouse, you will get an e-mail with a link that enables you to track your shipment directly. If this for some reason shouldn’t occur, please see if the tracking information has been sent to your spam folder. If you have not received it at this point, please contact our Customer Care to solve this issue. Please make sure that you have filled in all relevant customer information.

How do I select a delivery option?

In the checkout window, you can choose from our delivery options. For more information on shipping conditions please go here.

Why are your delivery boxes so big?

All our boxes are made from recycled paper material. The delivery boxes need to have room for internal padding such as bubble wrap to provide adequate protection for the products during transport. A part of your Satisfaction Guarantee is that you can count on your products being delivered to you without damage. That is why our environmentally-friendly boxes are relatively larger than the products you have ordered. We are constantly working on optimizing our use of materials without compromising the quality of transport and delivery of goods.

Why do you deliver some products in plastic bottles?

Our plastic bottles are made from High-Density Poly-Ethylene (HDPE) Plastic, which is the most recyclable and reusable form of all plastic types. Furthermore, HDPE Plastic does not contaminate its contents, and it does not expose the products to damage from light and moisture, which is why it is ideal for transporting foods and/or supplements. It has a higher strength to density ratio than other common plastics, it's more flexible, and it can withstand higher temperatures than other kinds of plastic, furthering its suitability for transporting supplements.

Do you ship to European Union border countries?

Yes. We ship to the following European Union border countries: Malta , San Marino, Vatican City, Campione d'Italia - Livigno, Canary Islands, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Please note that import duties may be imposed by your carrier, and parcels must go through customs here, which may extend delivery time.

What is FREE Shipping and how does it work?

FREE Shipping means that we cover your shipping costs. If you have an account, you will receive FREE Shipping on orders above £/€ 40*. If you are a MyLEE Premier member, you will receive FREE Shipping on all standard orders via both, Service point and Home Delivery.

*See shipping conditions here.

Can I change my FREE Shipping to another shipping provider?

Depending on your delivery address you can choose from either UPS or DHL and select home delivery or service point delivery. However, UPS Express Saver is not included in free shipping.

Exchange and Returns

What is your return policy?


Do you follow the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

How do I delete my account?

If you want to delete your account, please contact our Customer Care so they can deactivate it.

We are GDPR compliant.

Please note that your entire purchase history will be stored for 5 years from the day that you delete your account.

Technical Issues

I can't check-out/ place my order/pay?

Please check if you have completed all of the following steps:

Check if your house number has been separated from your address.

Once you follow these steps, try placing your order again. If you still have issues, please call our Customer Care agents. You can find a list of our toll-free numbers here.

I cannot complete my order.

Why won’t your website accept my password?

If you are already registered with Life Extension Europe and have forgotten your password, click “I forgot my password?” on the login page, and fill out your email address. You will then receive a link that leads you to a page where you can choose a new password.

I did not receive an order confirmation.

Your order confirmation will be sent automatically to your e-mail inbox as soon as you have placed an order.

Please follow these steps:

My order was automatically cancelled.

Please contact our Customer Care agents here to solve this issue.

I cannot select a shipping type. What do I do?

Please contact our Customer Care agents here for assistance.

Why didn’t I get FREE Shipping?

Please check to make sure you reach our qualifications. You will receive FREE Shipping on standard orders above £/€ 40.* If you are a MyLEE Premier member, you will receive FREE Shipping on all standard orders, no matter the order size.

*See shipping conditions here.

Get in Touch

We welcome all questions, comments, and suggestions at When writing to us via email we will reply within 1 or 2 business days. If you need immediate assistance, or haven't received an order confirmation within the first business day of purchase, please call us.

Technical Issues

Where can I read more about the Quicksilver Scientific products?

If you wish to read more about supplementation, you can visit our blog here, where you will find news, tips and tricks for a healthier life.

What is Trustpilot and how do I leave a review?

Trustpilot is one of the world’s largest platforms for user-generated customer reviews. Because we have a Trustpilot profile, customers can rate their experience with us on a scale from 1-5, where 1 is worst and 5 is best. You can also write a comment on your review, stating the reason for your rating. We invite all our customers to leave a review once they have shopped with us. You can leave a review of us by going to our Trustpilot profile for English-speaking customers here and German-speaking customers here.

On which social media channels can I follow you?

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can also visit our blog by clicking here.

Do you have a question you think we should add to our FAQ-section?

We welcome all questions, comments, and suggestions at Please remember that you are always welcome to contact our Customer Care if you have a question that you could not find an answer to in the FAQ-section. They are available to help Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM, CET.


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We are also partnered with the world’s biggest online-payment handlers such as Paypal, Klarna, GiroPay, and Sofort.

Where do I put in my Credit Card details?

Please check if you have completed all of these steps:

When you press the button “Place Order Now”, you will be directed to our payment site. Follow the instructions to type in your payment information and complete your purchase.

Is payment safe on your site?

We use state-of-the-art SSL encryption to make sure that your payment information is kept safe. Furthermore, we comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

I cannot get credit card approval?

Please contact our Customer Care agents for more help on this topic.

Should I pay via bank transfer after receiving goods?

No. Your order will be shipped upon receipt of payment. Normally the transfer takes approximately 2 working days.

Can I get a discount for my purchase?

Yes. There are quantity discounts for adding 2 and 4 items to your cart for most products.. Otherwise, you can subscribe to our newsletter to follow our ongoing promotions and discount offers.

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